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Syrian Guitarist, Composer, and Arranger


Cosmic Exodus - Joash Emmanuel (2001 - 2020)

This is the first production of Jawdat in R&B - Soul style. Its release was delayed from 2018 for many reasons. Joash did pass away on 7th Sep20, Jawdat said:

"Joash was one of my most talented students. I met him when he was 12 years old boy, I still remember his voice was starting to change at that time. He was singing like an angel. After that, he shocked me with some of the songs that he wrote. "Cosmic Exodus" is the first song that we choose to start with. He had so many beautiful songs that he shared with me, I wonder where it could have taken him if he got the chance to share everything with the world. He left right before we shared the song. I am glad that at least he was happy and excited about it toward the end of his life. The thing that broke my heart that his dad was and still telling me "He looked up to you" "


"Memories" is the 2nd piece released from the album meant to be called "Back to Life". Jawdat requested from Mohamad Fityan, one of the most talented Nay players from Aleppo - Syria to play the intro composition on Nay. This piece is full of mixed emotions between nice memories and the turns that took place in Jawdat's memories and most of Syrians.

Back to Life

"Back to Life" is the latest piece composed by Jawdat, and dated to be released on 06Jun20. The main theme was composed at a very early time of Jawdat's start on Guitar back around 2008 and got completed to be released during the COVID19 as a full orchestral composition.

Jawdat's 2nd album

Many pieces are already done, composing, mixing, and mastering. New pieces should start to be released as singles of an album. The mechanism of the release and the dates should be announced soon, but as per today, everything is getting in shape nicely as Jawdat wishes.

"Strings from the Past" the 3rd best selling in the UAE.

Revealed: The best selling UAE acts

June 15, 2016

There is a lot of noise in the music world, but when the chips are counted and the dirhams rolled to the bank, who comes out on top?

The UAE has no official body for counting record sales, but the vast majority of CDs are sold through a single retailer, Virgin Megastore. So to find out which UAE acts are clocking the highest sales, we just went to the source and asked – simple.

Using these stats we’ve compiled a list of both the best-selling UAE album releases of the past 12 months (June 2015 to now).


3. Jawdat Outree

Strings from the Past (MBI)

Another impressive instrumental outing from Syrian guitarist and composer Outree, who channels regional traditions old and new on this atmospheric oriental-tinged collection, released in March.


An interview on Dubai TV

Jawdat was interviewed by the amazing lady "Layal Abdallah" in the morning program "Dubai this morning", the interview was centered on his album "Strings from the Past" as one of the kind in the Arabs world combining guitar with orchestra.


"Find the picture in the Gallery"

One of the best seller albums

After one week of releasing the album "Strings from the Past" the album became one of the best seller albums at Virgin megastores in the UAE.


"Find the picture in the Gallery"

Album releasing

The album "Strings from the Past" which is the first album of Jawdat Outree has been released in the UAE, Qatar, and Oman in all the branches of Virgin megastores and other music stores such as Fnac in Qatar.

Jawdat Outree live on MBC

Jawdat was live on the MBC channel in the very popular program "Sabah El Kher Ya Arab" "Good morning Arabs". 
The interview was focused on the unique music that Jawdat Outree is producing and about his new album that is supposed to be released soon.
Jawdat played in the show a few parts from 4 pieces of his new album introducing for the first time his piece "Mama (yamo)"  which he dedicated to his parents.

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