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Syrian Guitarist, Composer, and Arranger


Started playing guitar in 2004/2005 at the age of 19. Jawdat played In less than 2 years many classical and flamenco pieces.
In 2008, started a long-term study to master the guitar techniques and music arranging. Only then, after learning so much about arranging, Jawdat started to think seriously about his own album. Since that time he was consequently improving to reach the aim by continued learning and searching about the world of music arranging. In 2011 started to write and record small music compositions. By the end of 2012, some videos were linked with his home country and started to received wonderful reactions from fans which lead to the seed of the first Album. "Consequently, I put my personal compositions to the next stage which is the second Album," Jawdat said.


Jawdat's Message,
I've learned everything by myself:
You, who have a dream, cannot stop. Only by patience and hard work anybody can achieve what he/she wants. This is very important because I feel like I can give hope to the young people who didn't believe in the ability to achieve a dream. I didn't go to the High Institute and specialized places for teaching music, on the contrary, I resorted to books and intensive research.
It is a great thing to be able to reflect my big passion for orchestra & guitar through my work. I strongly believe in the power of the orchestra to convey the feelings. When I see the huge number of musical instruments, I feel as if I am in a big city where everybody speaks music and only music.
I have influenced by international artists Yanni and Jesse Cook. They have completely two different methods of arranging and playing music, but this is the crux of beauty for me and this is exactly what I feel. A mix of simple guitar music accompanied by ornate and beautiful orchestra all wrapped with a nice and clear scarf from the eastern sense and Eastern touches.

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